I am a painter, potter, sculptor, graphic designer, illustrator, wife and mother. I love to do a little bit of everything and find that each medium influences and supports the other. I love to explore other mediums, try new ways of creating and use each experience to further develop my general love of art.  I am not happy putting myself in a box and even if I tried my art would escape.

The thread that ties all my work together is my love of color and texture as well as my belief that what we fill ourselves with becomes our reality. We can create a world of happiness, joy and charm through our thoughts and feelings we choose to embrace and develop or we can create a world of pain and chaos by allowing our emotions and thoughts to run unchecked. All of my pottery (vessels) is a container like the mind that can be filled how you choose. I choose whimsey and joy and healing. I am ever evolving and as I pay attention to the world around me and notice the beauty in the mundane, the hope in the pain and the humor in the act of living.  I find my inner world recreating itself through me, in my art.