Summer Shows

I am working on new designs and products for my first art fair this year. Getting back into the swing of things since Mila was born.  I will be at Countryside Village Art Fair, June 1st and 2nd. Looking forward to seeing some new faces and hopefully some sun and warm weather. (I'm sure I will regret saying that when its 95 and I'm sun burnt.)

Small Bird.jpg

Getting back into the swing of things

artmill logo.jpg

Hi my name is Art... oh no wait its not. If I want people to know my name and my art I have to get it out there.

My business continues but my website is changing. I still have the business name of The Art Mill and I still operate art sales and classes under this name. But since I am mostly focused on selling my fine art I need people to know my name. I think it is time to get a Jane Buresh logo and define what goes on under my name and what goes on under The Art Mill.

Art Mill logo I think I have to say good bye until I figure out how we work together. Maybe I can use you when I have a collection of artists that I sell for, an online gallery, a design business, or some other thing that makes sense. Until then, you will be my business name, my license to sell, my secret partner.